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Based in Monmouthshire, just an hour from Bristol or Cardiff.

Home-Ed Partners was set up to support HE as an alternative to school, and we have a track record in partnership learning, planning together a path for your child leading to GCSEs and other recognised qualifications at a pace to suit your family.

Here we provide the opportunity for group learning to inspire and encourage each other with support from experienced mentors who are used to assisting with individually-led learning.

We offer professional support to complement the work being done at home, including a facility to discuss and plan a programme of GCSEs to suit your child’s future needs and aspirations.

As a secondary trained teacher with extensive experience in private education I know what the goals are and have the courage to come away from the norm. All the current systems of full-time schooling let down the majority of children and families. It is time that education changed to suit families of today. AT ITS BEST, H.E IS THE BEST!

For the past three years I have been working alongside home-educating families and together we believe we have found a true balance in what we now offer, enabling young people to forge their own path to meet their future goals through accruing appropriate and interesting qualifications. We have registered as an exam centre for IGCSEs and GCSEs, specifically for HE candidates and learners outside of school.

We completed our first exams in June 2011 and are now acknowledged as an innovative centre for those wishing to take GCSEs whenever they feel ready. We are offering a wide range of courses, support, study days and mocks leading to exams to be taken here at our centre. We are committed to tailoring packages to suit individual needs.

This includes subjects that are not normally available to private candidates. Courses are presented in several formats to make them accessible, including weekly sessions, study days and drop in ‘clinics’ and lead to any necessary controlled assessments and mock exams together with the final exams. We are here to support your plans for education, guiding you through the statutory minefield so that your family reaches your goals for qualifications!


Contact us with your dream list or for more details of any of the following:

English Language
English Literature
Physical Education
Business Studies
Child Development
Food Technology
Media Studies
Religious Studies


Please note, art and food tech are only available to those who live near enough to attend regularly.


Sessions start at £5 for a group activity, increasing to £15 for a GCSE subject - where we typically work with 8 students or fewer.

Study days start at £30

Mock exams maximum charge £40 for our learners

Controlled Assessments pro rata

GCSE/IGCSE/Other Exams approx £40 plus exam fee for our learners

Our priority is simply to facilitate the best result for your child within the needs of your family. We always work with you to tailor a package that reflects this.


Distance candidates can be accommodated monthly, etc. and complete the work at home in between, or courses can be followed at home supported by study days at Home-Ed Partners. Even controlled assessments for some subjects can be arranged for distance learners.

Email us in the first instance at

or call us to discuss options on

01600 772213